Supercharge your Walmart Connect ads performance with Clocklocked

Clocklocked is Sellercloud’s automated ad management system to maximize Walmart Connect campaigns. Set ACOS and ROAS goals and create rules to manage your ad spend.

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Improved marketplace ads for Walmart

Send daily spend reports to Clocklocked

Set ACOS and ROAS goals

Aggregate and visualize ads information

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Monitor campaigns with live stats

Equipped with live data, you will make better decisions for your Walmart Connect campaigns and ad spend. With Clocklocked, you can:

  • Expand your reach by formulating and editing engaging Walmart Connect campaigns with guaranteed targeted placement and precise timing.
  • Observe real-time ad spend and success for all Walmart Connect campaigns and track profit per product.
  • Save time, analyze performance, and manage campaign budgets with accuracy.

Sellercloud ecosystem

Clocklocked is part of the Sellercloud ecosystem, an all-in-one solution for handling your e-commerce operations.

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