Make every dollar count in your Marketplace Ads

Get the most out of your marketplace ads with automated campaigns that guarantee targeted placement and precise timing. Grow your sales and save valuable time without breaking the bank with Clocklocked.


Increase the success of your marketplace ads.

Sell more while cutting ad spend by setting goals for ACOS and ROAS, allocating your budget to peak buying times, managing keywords, and more.

Grow your business with automated ads

Getting started with Clocklocked is fast and easy.

  • 1
    Connect to your marketplace ad account
  • 2
    Import your existing campaign data
  • 3
    Create new campaigns and manage your daily budget
  • 4
    Create ad groups, product ads, and manage keywords
  • 5
    Sell more while cutting ad spend

Your products, ads, and marketplaces - all connected and easy to manage


Unlock the potential of Clocklocked, check out our extensive set of features.

Ad Management

  • Connect multiple Amazon ad accounts in one place
  • Set goals for ACOS and ROAS for your managed campaigns
  • Launch new Sponsored Products campaigns
  • Manage Keywords, set match types, and adjust your bids

Campaign optimization

  • Use a sales history heat map to better manage your budget
  • Set budgets for campaigns per hour, day, week, and month
  • Allocate your budget to peak buying times
  • Reallocate unspent budget to solve issues with gapping


  • View real-time stats for your account or individual campaigns
  • Access daily reports to track the success rate of your campaigns
  • Get a report on advertised product sales and other product sales
  • Get a full list of your active listings and their campaigns

Ad Management

  • Connect multiple Walmart ad accounts in a single location
  • Establish goals for ACOS and ROAS for your managed campaigns
  • View real-time stats for individual campaigns

Campaign optimization

  • Enable and pause campaigns with a single click
  • Allocate your budget to peak buying times
  • Reallocate unspent budget to solve issues with gapping
  • Check keywords performance in Top Search Trends


  • View a consolidated report of your listings and their campaigns
  • Use our recommendation report to identify which products to advertise
  • Get an item health report to see how advertised products perform
  • Get performance reports on AdGroups, AdItems, and Keywords

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Monitor in real-time how your ads impact your financials. Clocklocked sends ad fees per product to Sellercloud, allowing you to incorporate your ad spend in your P&L reports and track the profit per product, including all fees.


Find the perfect Clocklocked solution for your business needs.

Monitor and track campaign success and ad spend
Include ad spend in product and order profit and loss reporting
Includes sponsored product campaigns
Includes 1 Amazon account
Free with a Sellercloud subscription
Modify and manage campaigns
Includes all basic features
Includes all Amazon campaign types
Includes Walmart Connect functionality
Includes up to 10 marketplace accounts
Access to Beta features:
Edit campaigns
Change budget details
Create rules and group campaigns
Set rules for time and location
Enhanced campaigns
Includes all Pro features
Includes up to 100 marketplace accounts
Dedicated instance solely for your ad campaigns
Manage your data with direct SQL database access
Unlimited advertising accounts
Three year data retention

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